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English for Engineering

A large part of engineering is about communication.  For any current or future engineering professional, effective language skills are critical for success and advancement in the field.  Come and explore with us some strategies that will aid you in becoming proficient, persuasive and effective in communicating within your chosen discipline. 
This course will enable you to:

    Develop language skills for greater accuracy and precision
    Learn how to persuade audiences
    Deliver presentations and receive constructive feedback
    Participate in discussions and debates
    Produce clear technical documents
    Expand your vocabulary by reading thematically relevant text
    Practice writing, using relevant professional formats
    Enhance your confidence in using English in various engineering contexts

Course Details:
Start Date:  Pending Enrolment
Duration:  8 weeks; 4 hours per week
Location:  Centre for English Language Development
Student Profile:  high-intermediate / advanced


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